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Welcome to De Boone Consulting

At De Boone Consulting, we help business owners like ​you feel confident and clear about your work in today's ​digital world. We use the latest technology to make ​your business run smoother, create great marketing ​messages, and provide coaching that fits your needs.

Our goal is to be your trusted advisor, making your ​digital changes easy with new ideas that improve your ​work, boost your online presence, and encourage ​growth.

With De Boone Consulting, you can use technology ​and a growth mindset to transform your business. We ​believe in using AI tools to support your work, while ​preserving your unique voice and intentions. Our ​mission is to give you the tools and strategies to make ​your business run better, increase your online visibility, ​and succeed in the long run. Let us help you achieve ​your vision and take your business to the next level.

Who We Serve

At De Boone Consulting, we specialize in empowering ​a diverse range of business owners by tailoring our ​services to meet their unique needs. Our clients ​include:

Traditional Businesses

Brick-and-mortar establishments seeking to enhance ​their online presence. Whether you're a local shop, ​restaurant, or salon, we help you leverage technology ​to attract and retain customers, ensuring your business ​thrives in the digital age.

Corporate Transitioners

Professionals stepping out of the corporate world to ​embark on their entrepreneurial journey. We guide you ​through developing a strong digital brand and ​streamline your workflows to set you up for success.

Generational Business Owners

Gen X and Baby Boomers who may not have grown up ​with the internet but understand its importance. We ​provide straightforward, practical advice and solutions ​to help you navigate the digital landscape with ​confidence.

Non-Profits and Creatives

Organizations and individuals dedicated to making an ​impact. We amplify your mission with strategic online ​marketing and branding, helping you reach and engage ​your audience more effectively.

Tech Novices

Business owners who feel overwhelmed by technology. ​As your tech translator, we simplify digital tools and ​make them accessible and beneficial, empowering you ​to harness their full potential for your business growth.

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No matter your background or level of tech-​savviness, De Boone Consulting is here to help you ​achieve clarity and confidence in the digital world. ​Ready to take the next step? Schedule a free ​consultation today!

Discover Your Digital Potential: Unleash the Power of Your Online Brand

Your brand is your story and your identity—it's how you connect with your audience and stand out in a crowded space. At De Boone Consulting, we delve deep into what makes your brand unique, crafting an online presence that not only reflects your essence but also resonates deeply with your target audience. Our approach combines strategic insight and creative flair to ensure your online brand is compelling, cohesive, and ready to make an impact.

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We believe every touchpoint is an opportunity to reinforce your brand's values and message, creating a memorable experience for your audience. From engaging website designs to powerful social media narratives, we transform your digital presence into a vibrant platform where your brand doesn't just exist—it thrives.

Meet the Founder of De Boone Consulting

Hi! I'm De Boone, the founder of De Boone Consulting. I love ​technology and helping businesses grow. With over 30 years in the ​tech world, I've become really good at making technology easy to ​understand and use.

I started loving tech because I saw how it could help people. I've ​worked with all kinds of businesses, from people leaving their ​corporate jobs to start their own businesses to traditional stores ​wanting a better online presence. People call me the "Tech Translator" ​because I turn tech talk into simple advice.

I’m a bit of a geek who enjoys Sci-Fi movies, history documentaries, ​and stories about successful business people. I never stop learning ​and always look for new ways to help my clients. I believe in having a ​positive attitude, using natural health solutions, and growing both ​personally and in business.

At De Boone Consulting, I want to give you the confidence and clarity ​to use technology, create great marketing messages, and reach your ​business goals. Whether you know a lot about tech or just a little, I'm ​here to help you.

De Boone

Ready to make your business ​better? Let's work together. ​Schedule a free consultation ​today!


Jonathan Carrington

Atone Theraphy

"If you are a small business owner or ​entrepreneurs seeking help to launch ​your brand online, hire De Boone ​Consulting. De is exceptionally gifted as ​creative brainstorming, bringing ​unparalleled clarity and engagement to ​her clients' business journeys. Through ​insightful coaching, she helps her clients ​get unstuck, gain a clearer vision, and ​become actively involved in working on ​their business. She has the ability to ​unlock your potential and generate ​innovative thinking, which is ​transformative. If you are ready to elevate ​your brand visibility, reach out to her."

Vesna Matic

Visions for Life LLC

“De Boone Consulting has been a ​life saver for me. Social media is ​something I've always dreaded ​and found to be overwhelming. ​Needless to say if you have a ​business you can't escape it. ​Working with De and letting here ​take over this aspect of my ​business is indeed liberating. I ​highly recommend De.”

Erica Underhill,

IvyDee Salon & Hair Academy

De Boone Consulting helped me ​overcome significant challenges by ​organizing my thoughts and vision for ​my website. De provided clear focal ​points to effectively market my niche. ​Her consultation was both detailed ​and educational.

As a result, I now have a state-of-the-​art website that showcases all the ​services I offer. I also walked away ​with valuable tips and insights into ​additional services De offers to further ​assist my business. Thanks, De!

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